The popularity of the film Goodnight & Good Luck, coupled with the desire of the liberal intelligentsia to compare our current plight to the Red Scare, has created a focus on Edward R. Murrow's fight against Senator Joseph McCarthy. As great a story as that is, Murrow should be remembered for more than that. His work reporting on WWII from the rooftops in London at the peak of German bombing during the Blitz is the stuff of legend. His ability to coordinate massive, live coverage from the scenes of events completely and radically changed news coverage forever. He brought news into the homes of millions of Americans as it happened, giving a true global perspective. In that vein, our own Stud Beefpile brings it to us straight from the Nissan-Porsche front lines below.

Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. Porsche has just released a statement in response to the statement released by Nissan in response to their statement responding to Nissan's statement regarding the GT-R's 'Ring times. Porsche now states that their researchers have determined that Nissan was timing the GT-R's ring time using Japanese seconds, not the standard German seconds generally used on the Nurburgring. Porsche has stated that, as with everything Japanese, when compared to everything German, Japanese seconds are slightly slower than German seconds, and the GT-R's time, when converted to German seconds, was actually about 45 seconds slower than Nissan had reported. This, of course proves that the Porsche 911 is still the best car in the world, even if it is ass-engined and built by Nazis. In other news, Porsche has also reported that production of the Corvette ZR1 has been canceled, so everyone can just ignore that thing. Reporting live from the PorscheBünker, I'm Stud Beefpile."

Goodnight & Good Laps. [Photo: BER]