I'm honestly not sure if I spent more time in high school playing Drugwars on my TI-86 or doing my Algebra homework (my report card probably indicates the former). As a simple turn-based strategy/trading game where you play a drug dealer it's quite enjoyable and easy to play numerous times. It also looks like you're working. Because of my inattention to class I barely understood the post on defeating traffic with math and then got stuck in traffic today in Houston. What I lack in ANOVA understanding I more than make up for in understanding the humor of PaulJones.

So, either my bladder can hurt after having spent two hours in traffic holding it in, or my brain can hurt after spending āˆ‘_(i=0)^nā–’2 [(2^10)D/(B x S)] 2 log 6F + A(2/3)Ļ€r^2 + E x 4.19G - 69 days figuring this out statistically; where:

D= Days spent driving
B= Bull
S= Shit
F= Facepalm
A= Amount of alcohol ingested trying to figure this out
E= Epic fail
G= Amount of gas used
-69= The amount of sex I'll miss out on trying to figure this out.

For the record, I'll take the former option. If I really need to, I can get off the freeway at any time and find a restroom. The math involved in the latter option, however, may in fact kill me.

There's a reason why I majored in psychology.

Kudos to this guy, however.

Liberal Arts FTW!