Commenter Of The Day: Dreams Are Worth It Edition

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Yeah, dreams are worth it. It's a pretty bleak time with constant reminders that lots of us are unemployed and our long term prospects are sort of divided between another market nose-dive (the double-dip) or a long period of poor economic performance (the long recession). So having a dream, no matter how small, is worth it. Pilot a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina? Rebuild a classic car? Whatever. It's worth it. Just ask CaptainVitamin.


As an owner of a '64 Continental Convertible, I'd like to offer up a couple pieces of advice. First off, no matter what anyone says, no matter how how tempting, the 430 MEL is irreplaceable. If its running now, it will probably never need a rebuild, ever. Nothing will beat the power and reliability-its one of the heaviest ever American production engines for a reason- not to mention nothing else will fit without cutting the structure out of the unibody frame. Tons of schlubs have tried it, only a small handfull of artisans have done it without it becoming a PCH nominee. Just rebuild that Holley, trade the nylon timing gear for a steel one, and call it a day.

Second, no matter how much work it takes, one drive makes it worth every minute. This coming from a guy who's put on <1k miles in 4 years of ownership. From a guy who spent 2 of those years with the engine out for beautification/repairs, drove it for a month and the trans overheated (probably my fault). No words in my vocabulary can describe the rush you get when commanding the MEL to do you bidding. Moving almost 3 tons of metal with the flick of an ankle. Its what Pharoah must feel like, except with limestone.

Finally, here's a couple things for you to research that I highly recommend: Pertronix Ignition, Dual master cylinder swap, and



Congratulations, Mr. CaptainVitamin, on todays' COTD!

My award to you is three car washes for your Continental by this lovely lady. As soon as she finishes washing this Mustang, she will leave for your place. The Mustang is yours to keep.