After listening to a lot of early Public Enemy tracks you start to realize how much of the repertoire of Hip Hop, the concepts and the tropes, were set way back in the late 1980s. Within their hit single "Don't Believe The Hype" you've got Chuck D and Flavor Flav discussing political commentary, doing callbacks, shout-outs, using aliases, making references to clothing, criticizing the media, and engaging in a discussion of the bourgeoisie. It has just about everything you'll find in an entire new rap album (sans the vocoder). All the hype was, it turns out, justified. The Camaro beat the Mustang in June sales partly because Camaro fanboys have had no new car to purchase for a while and Mentir, like Public Enemy, doesn't want you to believe the hype.

Well, Ford should clearly discontinue the Mustang for 7 years to allow for some hype to build up.

Let me be the first to predict that the aforementioned scenario would result in the 2018 Mustang outselling the 2018 Camaro during the first few months of reintroduction.

Better call Ray, the Media Assassin.