Commenter Of The Day: Crazy Horse Memorial Edition

There's almost no way to understand how large the forever-under-construction Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota is without seeing it, but let's just say Mount Rushmore could fit in the guy's hair. Seriously. The giant in situ mountain carving was started in 1948 by one of the sculptors behind Mount Rushmore at the behest of a Native American chief. The monument is completely a non-profit, non-governmental project and is therefore reliant on donations and undergoing a slow development (it took them 50 years to do the arm and the face). There's some controversy as to whether or not it is within the keeping of Native American traditions given it involves tearing apart a mountain. Whatever you feel about it, the project creators meant well, which is more than Boosted Lego Wagon can say about the 921 HP SRT8 Cherokee.

Way to ruin a perfectly good Cherokee. Descendant of the guy who handed out smallpox blankets, I'll bet.


He was also the guy who got the Cleveland Indians to acquire Wayne Garland.

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