Commenter Of The Day: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Edition

Yes, there was an immense amount of lively commentary going on today around the general subject of "booth professionals" sometimes referred to as "booth babes." We were tempted. However, it would be best to simply commend the entire commentariat for tremendous work in this category—awesome job, all around!— and move on to our single COTD.

Responding to Harigree's question: "How Far Is Too Far?" we were initially seduced by this from B:

Anything that makes a car GO faster is not too far. Anything that makes a care LOOK better is not too far. Anything that makes a car LOOK faster or look WORSE is too far.


But had to give it to somkeydog001, for reminding us of what's important in life and making us grin at the same time:

One cannot "go too far" in hoonin', hot roddin', humor or hygiene!

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