One of the oldest companies in the United States, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. was founded by two brothers-in-law who developed sodium bicarbonate in their kitchen. We know sodium bicarbonate better as baking soda, and we know the company better as the group that brought us Arm & Hammer. Cleverly, the company has managed to turn their strong brand name into numerous other products such as toothpaste and cat litter. And though we associate the company with being clean, the acquisition of Carter-Wallace, Inc, brought with it a brand for those doing the dirty deed. The same company that makes Arm & Hammer now makes Trojan condoms. Today we asked if there was a case to be made for automatic transmissions and Ash78 made a strong case for how this issue, and others, can come between a bride and his groom.

Me: It's just not right, it kills the "feel" Wife: But it's easy and convenient Me: Says you. I want total control. I want to launch when I say it's time to launch. I want to be able to slow down smoothly and then pick up speed again with the sense of direct connection. Some days are so bad, it's my only fun and creative outlet. Both in the morning and in the afternoon. I just don't see it changing. Wife: Whatever. Feels pretty much the same to me. And thats just the condom discussion.



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