Commenter Of The Day: Caga Tio Edition

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We each mark the holidays in our own fashion, whether traditional or by watching grown men dress in burkas and injure themselves in the Syrian desert. In the Catalonia regions of Spain, the traditional Christmas display includes the "caga tio," a log with a face painted on one end and a blanket over the other, which is "fed" goodies through Christmas Eve. At the appointed hour, children gather around and command it to produce presents from its butt, singing:


"Poop tió,
almonds and nougat,
do not poop brined herring,
'cause it's too salty,
do poop nougat,
that is more tasty,
poop tió, almonds and nougat,
if you refuse,
I'll hit you with this stick,
poop tió!"

At which point the kids get their presents.

It's all in how you ask, which is what They Call Me MISTER Scroggs explained in regards to a pink Ferrari California:

"Why, God, Why Did Someone Paint a Ferrari California Rose Pink?" - Mike Spinelli

"Because Money Can't Buy Good Taste, Mike. Now, If You'll Excuse Me, I Have to Appear On a Piece of Toast in Keokuk, Iowa While Simultaneously Causing A Rainbow in China, A Mudslide in California, Several Litters of Puppies, And The Outcome of The Champs Sports Bowl." - God


(Photo: Barcelona Photo Blog)

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Congratulations, Mr. MISTER Scroggs, on your hilarious COTD! My award to you is this '60's Dodge Charger, plus a bonus of the matching motorcycle. Don't you just love bonuses? Delivery will be made as soon as this lovely lady finds an assistant.