There are those marriages where it's hard to wonder how one partner operates without the other because both partners make the other one better. Perhaps one of the greatest comedic married couples in the last century was George Burns & Gracie Allen. One would setup the joke and the other would knock it out of the park, with George usually doing the setting and Gracie doing the knocking. Burns had a long career afterwards, but as he said himself "First you have to have a talent. You have to develop this talent. Then you have to marry her like I did!" Well, not all marriages are that successful.


There were a lot of good pranks listed in our Best Car Prank QOTD, but one answer from PatFromGundo tops them all:

A few years back, I purchased a flagging Detroit automaker and told the world it was a "marriage of equals."

Genius! Is that you Dr. Z?. If it is, then yeah, we all got totally punked.

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