The word botulism, as in the toxin, comes from botulus, which is the Latin word for sausage. This isn't because Cicero and company ate bad pork but rather because one of the first individuals to identify the toxin was German poet and medical writer Justinus Kerner — the person credited with recognizing it was often found in crappy meat products. People who come down with botulism, typically from eating bad food, are subject to an entire symphony of uncomfortable symptoms including paralysis and incontinence. Thankfully, botulism is rare and typically non-fatal in the United States. Nearly a million people a year use a tiny amount of botulism toxin (botox) to soften wrinkles in their faces and Maymar imagines a lot of them may end up driving a 2010 Porsche Boxster or Cayman to their plastic surgery appointments.

At least, unlike many of its owners, it hasn't been facelifted so often it looks like a scared lizard.A little off the nose never hurt anyone; just ask Jennifer Grey.


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