Commenter Of The Day: Bea Arthur Edition

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Everyone's favorite Golden Girl, Bea Arthur, would have been 87 years old today. She did much in her more than six decades in the business, but she's probably best known as a performer. Her big television break was as the titular character from Maude, a show about a militant feminist in not-so-liberal Suburban New York. It explored serious issues including the Vietnam war, divorce, suicide, abortion. It's hard to believe it lasted the five seasons it did. Though Golden Girls wasn't exactly a spin-off of Maude, it did continue to project the image of Bea Arthur as a strong-willed single woman. The Pontiac G8 GXP, like Bea Arthur, is no longer for this world. But that doesn't mean someone not-long-for this world can't enjoy it. Just ask Leeeena.


Random anecdote triggered by thoughts of a ballsy old lady:

I was driving home from school at one point and was just merging onto 280 when a white M6 shot past me and got right on an SUV's bumper, horn blaring, lights flashing, swerving side to side, the whole works. I'm a fairly aggressive driver myself, but that just seemed like a whole 'nother level of assholishness to me, and I assumed the driver was a huge prick. Well, thirty seconds later traffic slowed to a crawl and I managed to catch up to the BMW in the lane. I looked over and to my surprise didn't see a driver! I shook my head and rubbed my eyes and looked closer, only to see a TINY wrinkly white-haired old lady who could barely see over the steering wheel furiously gesticulating at the offending traffic in front of her. Seriously, she had to be ninety years old. That lady suddenly became my hero, and when I'm old and crotchety, I hope I have enough mental facility left to be able to drive like that and not present a huge danger to my fellow travelers.

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Rob Emslie

Congratulations Leeeeeeeeeeeeeena. Old people should drive fast- who wants to croak sitting in traffic?