There's so much that we, as a country, don't understand about Bavarian cream. For one, it probably isn't the creation of a Bavarian nor was it likely created in Bavaria. Had you guessed it was a French confection, you'd also probably be wrong. Bavarian cream, according to most, is actually a Swiss invention that was created for some forgotten Bavarian dignitary. Whatever its origin, a delicious Bavarian creme is a dessert popular around the world. Another thing, the classic Bavarian cream donut isn't from Bavaria, either. It's an American creation and actually not full of Bavarian cream at all, but rather a thick form of crème pâtissière. This is why some Americans are shocked to find actual Bavarian cream has a taste of liqueur.

What we Americans lack in knowledge of European cuisine we more than make up for with an appreciation of European cars. Our affection for BMW is so great that the 128i Convertible, a decent piece of machinery, fails compared to our expectations. Though we do not lust after the 128i, the E30-based driving sim cockpit is something we all wish our girlfriends would let us make a copy of in the living room. And because we're so fond of those Bavarian cruisers we can appreciate a good joke, like this one from Tenbeers, at their expense:

oh look, no turn signal lever, just like a real bmw!

That's attention to detail. [Photo: Bruno's Gourmet Kitchen, Wikipedia]