Commenter Of The Day: Batcave Edition

Batman, the (maybe) fictional cape crime fighter, has a lot of gear. Lacking any super powers he needs the Batmobile, the Batplane, the Batgyro, the Batphone, the Batsignal, the Batgun, the Battoaster oven, et cetera. Following the naming convention, the place he stores it is the Batcave. The design of this mysterious lair has evolved from merely being a place to store his crap to an underground crime lab and, in Batman Begins, back to a place to store stuff. As the series evolves, the film The Dark Knight includes more gear and an actual computer wall (with the Batcomputer), similar to the observation area in other films and cartoons. Our favorite Batcave has to be the one from Batman and Robin, which in keeping with the tone of the film, is like a Berlin discotheque and lined with neon lights for the Vegas approach to stealth. Today we talked about a different kind of cave, a man cave, and A Strolling Player provided another example of an unconventional man cave.


Where does Robin go?

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