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Yes kids, this is what our video game systems used to look like. That's right, the controller had one button. And that was more than you actually needed most of the time. Think Pacman. The old man bought my sister and I an Atari in 1980. The first game we got was some sort of tank game that she hated and I liked but wasn't very good at. Then came Pacman, which I got pretty OK at. Then Pole Position, which I loved but was always terrible at. I still remember when Pitfall showed up one Hanukkah evening — it was like the future had fallen into our family room straight from heaven. But my sister only really liked one game...

...and that was Frogger. Turns out she isn't alone. Earlier today Ben posted a story about Double Darwin Award winners getting run over in traffic. This prompted drunkcanuck to comment:

I was killed while trying to cross the first lane of a major road once.. but I still had 2 players left and managed to get my frog across the remaining lanes....


Thanks for the memories.

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