Commenter of the Day: Anti-Black Friday Edition

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Flipping through the LA Times at breakfast this morning we noticed that Fry's Electronics is selling a Samsung 42" LCD HD for $899. Today only. It took every ounce of self control garnered from years of iconoclasticism and general "I Hate Holidays" curmudgeoness not to spit out our hash browns and book on down to the assured and utter Hell that would be Fry's the day after Thanksgiving. We'd rather staple cactus to our testicles. For reals. Still, that is a mondo a deal, and a pretty slick transition to today's winning scribe. May I suggest you jump?

Today's big vote-off in the Jalopnik Holiday Re-Gift Guide had a very clear winner. At least in my mind. Though you all seem to disagree, what with the Fake Spinner Wheel Covers out in front and the logical real choice only one vote out of a three-way tie for third. Luckily, cmdrfire not only agrees with me, but breaks all the action down like a Vegas bookmaker:

The fake sunroof thing gets my vote because the others are all useful in some way:

1)Fast N' Furious Merchandise may be burned for heat, or passed on as a gift to one with fewer brain cells than you.

2)License plate frames hold license plates.

3)Tornado Air, an ill-conceived attempt at a superchargerish thing, may be pressed into service as a ill-conceived attempt of a toy for a child, or rigged with an electric motor and a power supply to become an ill-conceived attempt at a fan in hot weather.

4)Clothing may be worn, or burned for heat.

5)Tool kits may be a) used once and thrown away, or b) passed on.

6)Book may be burned for valuable heat.

7)Spinners become a frisbee for some manner of dog. Or burned.

8)Covers may be burned for heat.

9)Decal may be... erm... used... burned for heat?

As the fake sunroof does nothing, and may not even be burned during the lean winter months, it loses.


Right on, cmdrfire, exactly right on. And may you fly south to Florida for the winter.

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I wouldn't want to burn those plastic spinnaz...those plastic fumes can kill a man. Same with melting a plastic pan in the oven and nearly overwhelming my fraternity. Oops, some things are better left unsaid.