Anne Heche has admitted to a fractured past which contributed to psychological issues including multiple personality disorder. She claims an alien and/or a reincarnation of God named Celestia would speak through her, but in a different language. She was gay but then, apparently, she wasn't gay. As opposed to just being bisexual. She named her kid Homer. She's a bit hard to follow, but Barbara Walters attempted to understand her and Celestia in a confusing and bizarre interview. It was one of those fascinating events the world couldn't stop talking about. We knew, at the time, no one would forget September 2001 because of the crazy interview with Anne Heche. Of course, history has placed a different memory with us and few remember the nonsense news we were concerned with in early September. Before the Carpocalypse we were concerned with the 2010 Chevy Camaro and Truck Nutz, as TurboBrick reminds us. Of course, the Carpocalypse now has us merely worrying children will no longer be able to afford fake metal nutz for their Big Wheels.

If measured by word count, then the impending release of the new Camaro. Now if GM goes and folds before they release this thing it will be biggest case of automotive blue balls since Trucknutz.

Ahhh... the halcyon days of early 2008.

Photo by George De Sota/Getty Images