The cable network Spike doesn't seem to need an excuse to run the Star Wars films from Episode 1 to Episode 6, but for some reason thought the 4th of July would be an appropriate time. Actually, mostly 'Merican actors squaring off against Brits calling themselves the "Empire" makes sense more sense than running it on Arbor Day against. Whatever the reason, i was happy to catch the scene where Obi-Wan senses that Alderaan's been destroyed saying "I feel a great disturbance in the force. It's like a million voices cried out at once, and then there was silence." I only say this because we've turned off comments temporarily to make the site work and I sense a disturbance in the force, as well. Oh well, time to go take great photos like this and heed PaulE's words about not needing fancy equipment.

Fantastic picture, no matter how you slice it.

Let's face it, the best pictures aren't always the result of high-end cameras, killer lenses or any of that (although those don't hurt). In the end, you just have to see the shot in your mind, be there, and get it. Some of the best pictures I've taken were with either a cell phone camera or a 50mm fixed-lens rangefinder.


Photo Credit: ICanHasForce