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There's some debate on the origin of the alley-oop, which refers to one basketball player lobbing the ball in the vicinity of the hoop for another player to drop into the net for a basket. There's no general agreement on either the first player to use the maneuver or what the term means. Was it Al And Gerald Tucker? Was it David Thompson? Does the term come from the French acrobatic term allez-oop? We're not sure. But we know one when we see one. Like in today's 2010 Chevy Camaro Production post from Tonyola to Van_Sarockin.


First Tonyola throws it up:

Yes! Someone in the dark depths of GM truly understands. There's no such thing as too many gauges in a performance car, and I see eight of them on the Camaro. Why do so many hot and wannabe-hot cars only have speedo, tach, fuel, and temp gauges?

and Van_Sarockin slams it down:

Oil and Differential Temperature? Right over there. Altimeter? Absolutely. Spark Advance, Phase of Moon, I think we can squeeze them into the middle of the Speedo.

And about 275 toggle switches. With lights. One marked 'Eject'.

Actually, I drive differently when the Moon is waxing.

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