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Commenter Of The Day: Ain't No Chinese Secret Edition

Illustration for article titled Commenter Of The Day: Aint No Chinese Secret Edition

Our commenters — some hotshots! You guys really are, you know, because when those UFOs were spotted over China today, not once but twice, nobody believed they were real! Good job! Okay, okay, that may be setting the bar a little low, because there were a few folks whose comments went right to the hilarious-mispronunciation territory, or went for variations on the old urination-in-soft-drink gag. C'mon, folks! If you're going to pick on the Chinese, take a hint from Dan122186 and his deft sociopolitical observation:

Just another Chinese copy of a real UFO.

See? As a famous Chinese philosopher once said, when pointing at the moon, do not focus on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory.


Also a most honorable mention to Kuang, who observed of the second object

It's just a cheap copy of the first one.

Hard to disprove! Unlike the excellence of our commenters, which you guys prove every day, honest.

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Congratulations, Mr. Dan 122186, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with a red Viper, which this lovely lady will bring to you next week. Good job!