One thing any person who writes on the Internet has to look forward to is a correction. And not just any correction. The most detailed-oriented, minor suggestions will come your way with regularity. Sometimes they're incredibly helpful and others, well, it goes something like this: "I'm sorry, I think you mean the 1974 1/2 Ford Pinto, only the 1974 Mercury Bobcat had those vinyl seats." Everyone in the Internet is a pedant because they can afford to be, because no says anything out loud before they type. It won't win you COTD unless you're hilarious like BmoreDLJ in Sam Smith's great Ten New Cars We're Thankful For feature.

All fantastic choices, leaving me with this thought: Could citrus slice tyres really support the weight of a giant corncob roadster driven by two adult turkeys?

To quote Tanshanomi the answer is yes because "oranges are high in magnesium."