Commenter Of The Day

Lots and lots of good writing to choose from, but today's COTD had me at hello. Er, had me with his total and complete lack of irony. Though I guess this proves the maxim, "You can get used to anything." It also illustrates just how much of a subculture this whole car thing really is. Not that that needs documentation or proof or anything of the sort, but sometimes when you're on the inside looking out, you tend not to notice the madness. I'm rambling. Jump and enjoy.

The comment comes from the 1971 GMC 1500 DOTS. Take her away, Buckster:

"Best look Pickup Evar [sic]. I have a friend with a 66' Flat black with a tasteful flame job up front. The 327 under the hood make it one of the scariest rides in town."


Tasteful indeed.

Special bonus points almost got awarded to TheChaz for his brilliant one-liner, "Snore" in Spin's writeup of being an eyewitness to the start of Roy and Maher's record crushing run. But then we realized Chaz is actually serious, and that two guys in a BMW driving nearly 3,000 miles across the country in 31 hours, 4 minutes bored him. We can't abide that.

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