Commenter Of The Day: 250 Is A Big Number Edition

Usually we try to fill this COTD slot with some obscure reference neatly (or not) tied into the day's automotive zeitgeist. Today we're going to take a brief break from that to appreciate the 250 Vintage Vehicles post, which we love as much as all of you do. Seriously, what would the morning be without a 1974 Ford Maverick or a 1981 Fiat Strada? DOTS has allowed us to give up coffee, donuts and smack in the morning.


There were a lot of congratulations in the post, but we have to hand it to the ever capable SundaySunday for not only recognizing Murilee's contribution, but also making a pretty good Detwa dig at the same time:

Great photos, Mr. Martin. Were I to do a similar project in the Detroit neighborhoods where I drive, the title would need to be changed. "Rust Wars" perhaps?

Features would be something like: "Chevy Corsica Poll: Running or Dead?" And the 'Scort of the Week.

Yah, generally speaking, it would suck. Fortunately we have your finds to ogle over. Keep up the good work.

While Ray is doing whatever we're going to take this opportunity to make a few more jokes about the big D.

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