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We’re all sinners in the eyes of Jack Chick.

That’s because we love cars. Cars that look good. Do we love cars that look good more than we love Jesus? Depends on the person, I suppose. But according to Jack Chick, it’s too fine of a line to walk, says David-inc:

Or maybe Jack Chick just liked sleepers and rat rods, and only the people with shiny cars were going to hell? I tried to find the Chick Tract David-inc mentioned, but wasn’t able to find it. Maybe it was this one? That guy went to hell pretty damn quick.

I don’t know. But I can live with a God that really has a thing for cars that have been artfully destroyed. Right now I’m obsessed with this Celica, and it’s great.


Congratulations, David-inc, on your COTD victory. This song might make you feel like you’re in hell already.

But at least the one guy has a big silly hat.