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Today we learned how hard it is for Hollywood stuntpeople to make modern cars do tricks from a panel discussion at the Petersen Museum. And, also, a hint about what Vin Diesel will be driving as Dominic Toretto in the next Fast & Furious movie.


“It’s always going to be a Charger,” Motion Picture Car Coordinator Dennis McCarthy said about Toretto’s character car. He wouldn’t go into too much detail about the next look, but did describe it as having a “European LeMans feel... something different we haven’t done yet.”

I didn’t really think much about that comment over the weekend, but Kinja users “Dake” and “the 1969 Dodge Charger Guy” both pointed out that there actually is a LeMans Charger–the “Oly Express” wearing Olympia beer livery.


Roadkill did a story on the car in 2017. The design is a little odd, but, I kind of like it. Is Groot going to be swilling brewskis from the PNW instead of Coronas next time or what?

Anyway, you can listen to the thing rip on YouTube:

And, uh, honorable mention to The Devil Drives a Mustang for mentioning the other “LeMans” option:

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