Comment Of The Day: We Are Not All Made Equally Edition

We here at los Jalops like good comments. Insightful comments. Anyone can comment on any post and say “good car,” or “bad car.” Comments that teach, that discuss, or explain? Now that’s the stuff.

Lots of SUVs have buttons or levers or sacred incantations one must chant to get their vehicles into low-range nowadays. But what is low-range exactly, and what does it mean? Well, low-range can help your vehicle move more slowly, but with plenty of power to help you get up and over something like a steep hill. It’s all about gearing, you see, but not all low-range modes are built equally, as HammerheadFistpunch explains:

well, its not low range, since its just a single gear, and its not that “low” especially with the larger tires. In the forester its about 18:1. Which is pretty good but not as good as the renegade trailhawk 20:1 and far off a true low range which is 30:1 or better but a reduction of more than a single gear. I like X-Mode, but its no replacement for a dual speed transfer case.


So you see, just because one button says one thing in one car, doesn’t mean all of its effects are equal in all cars.

That also goes for you, sport mode.

Congrats on your COTD win, Hammerhead! Here’s some tunes to really bring you to the right mood:

Being on top is great, but sometimes, you just got to get low.

Photo credit: Brett Levin

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