Comment Of The Day: Wake Up Sheeple Edition

You know what the most dangerous weapon in the world is? It’s the truth, and our man Torch pulled back the curtain to drop some extra-dangerous truths about the lies the Pep Boys have been selling you for years.

Not everyone’s ready for the truth, though. They dismiss the educated as crazy, as conspiracy theorists, as madmen. It’s okay. If some people want to keep being sheep, let them.

Readers like Harry and that’s not gone well may be clever, but they can’t see the truth:

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Nice comments. Maybe someday you’ll be ready to swallow the red pill.

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Congratulations, Mr. Harry and Mr. that’s not gone well, on shared COTD! My award to you is a rusty truck which this lovely lady will deliver to you as soon as she finishes wrenching on it with this tool from Pep Boys.