Comment Of The Day: Unusual Incitement Edition

Photo credit: Getty Images

Hoooooooooooo boy. Let’s just dive right into this one.

You ever hear one of those really crappy arguments against wearing motorcycle helmets? You know the one. “I don’t wear a helmet, because helmets encourage risky behavior, therefore I am safer without one.”


Most of the people making that argument, of course, have suffered serious head trauma in the past. Otherwise they wouldn’t be making it.

But what about when it comes to law enforcement? Today we saw what looks to be a cop randomly pepper-spraying a bunch of people on bikes for no reason at all. Drakkon- The Reverend D Magic Slither knows what’s up:

Damn, Drakkon. You’re ice cold.

Congratulations Drakkon, on your COTD win. May you forever encounter friendly law enforcement wherever you go, and may they always merely let you off with a warning to “drive carefully” next time.

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