Comment Of The Day: Three Doors Good Edition

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Any time the Hyundai Veloster comes up, there are takes and opinions about its unusual door situation. Is the one-and-two door design practical and convenient, or an affront to your aesthetic sensibilities?

It seemed to me like most Jalopnik commenters, especially those who identified themselves as Veloster owners, were in favor of the single driver’s door and two passenger doors layout of the car.


I’m a fan myself.

But since it was such a big discussion in the Veloster N versus other hatchbacks thread from earlier today, I thought it warranted honing in on. What say you–is the Veloster’s asymmetrical door design a plus or a turn-off?

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Margin Of Error

I’m against non symmetrical cars, and that includes cars without a passenger side mirror and cars that have directional wheels not going in the same direction left and right.

I also hated the 1999 Bar-Supertec with the 555/Lucky strike livery