Comment Of The Day: The Only Good Take About Our Broken Alfa Romeo Edition

Photo credit: Alanis King/Jalopnik

One of the Alfa Romeos we’ve got out of the press fleet broke down on us last night. There were many searing nuclear takes about what we did wrong and how we are bad people because of it, but this is the only good one.

There was the take about how the only two cars on the market ever are the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Toyota Camry. There was the take that was e-mailed to us which said that actually, Alfa Romeos are very reliable. And then there’s this one from Tekamul:


Damn, Tekamul is right. We did mess up. If there was anything that went wrong last night, it was that we did drive an Alfa in the manner that it should be driven.

To Alfa and the world, we’re sorry. Genuinely. Next time, it’ll be thrashed properly at all times. Until it all falls apart again on the track.

Congratulations, Tekamul, on your COTD win. May you never get a check engine light in all of your travels.

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