Comment Of The Day: The More You Know Edition

Wait, these wasn’t originally designed for splashes? Photo credit: Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Sometimes even we learn something on this blog from our extremely knowledgeable commenters, and today was one of those days. Did you know that snorkels on trucks were originally designed to keep the intake free of dust, not water?

Let HammerheadFistpunch explain:


Our first reaction was also “whoa, really?” as well, but dust in a truck’s intake is pretty gnarly as well.

There’s a longer description of how snorkels work over on The Adventure Portal if you’re curious, but HammerheadFistpunch really nailed the gist of it.

Thus, we must honor the wise teachings of HammerheadFistpunch with COTD. Congratulations!

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