A couple-years-old Mustang
Photo: Ford
Comment Of The DayYour good comments.  

Today we talked about why young used cars are the awkward adolescents of the automotive world. How do you buy or sell a car that’s only a couple years old?

Monsterajr’s response to the question “I have a desirable car at the right price, how come no one wants to buy it?” seemed to resonate with a lot of readers:

Indeed–it’s hard to find a price that seems reasonable to both buyer and seller when you’ve got a car that’s not new, but not that much cheaper than new, even if it’s a desirable model or trim.

But, sometimes, as other commenters pointed out in that same post, sometimes life happens and for whatever reason you have to unload a car you bought new year or two ago. Anybody have pointers on what to do in that scenario?