Comment Of The Day: Supra SEMA Edition

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Photo: Bradley Brownell

Earlier today we learned that there are 43 Supras on the floor at SEMA this year. Some with big wings. Some with big wheels. Some with both. One with a manual transmission swap. Is it possible that all of the Supras in production thus far are currently in Las Vegas, Nevada? No, but a substantial percentage of them are.

In my journeys at SEMA this year, I saw so many Supras. It was absolutely ridiculous. It seemed like every time I turned a corner, I was living in this video.

Acrostic poems are my passion, and this is a perfect, albeit brief, example.


*snaps* Thank you dannyzabolotny for your wonderful poem. I will cherish it forever and always. Please, take your COTD trophy and enjoy it for the next 24 hours.

Anyway, here’s a new Katy Perry song about riding motorcycles.

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Augustin Trébuchon

This won, and this lost? M’kay!