Comment of the Day: Stats Man Edition

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In our Year in Review series, we’ve been looking back at all the neat stuff we’ve done on Jalopnik this year—including all the data that comes from Nice Price or Crack Pipe. There are some great graphs for those of you who are more visual than wordy—but we’re also open to creative criticism on how we can improve our product.


emilminty drives an E36 with patina had a pretty genius idea for how we could do better in the future. 

Honestly, this is pretty genius. It would most definitely take some real deep diving to make sure we’d satisfy these cravings—but I would be down. Congratulations on this excellent COTD.

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emilminty drives an E30 and a 200SX

Thank you. Thank you. Now, what about percentage of site visitors who stopped reading COTD once $kay retired . . .