Photo: Dodge
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All automotive problems can be solved by simply swapping in a Hemi— this is common knowledge.

Is your Jeep engine a total boat anchor, getting your vehicle to highway speeds more slowly than a freight train? Swap a Hemi into it. Did your differential just go bad? Rip the axle out and replace it with a Hemi. Does your passenger’s seat have a stain on it? Bolt in a Hemi. Is your child misbehaving in school? Hemi swap.

Hemis solve all problems, and Jalopnik reader Rosin knows this. So when Fiat Chrysler accidentally put Hemi badges on V6s, what was the solution?:


OK, that’s actually a semi-reasonable solution to the problem at hand.

For your brilliant idea, Rosin, watch this Ram burn holes into our ozone layer: