Image: Ford

Earlier today we published a blog, as we frequently do on this website. That blog asked you, the readers, if you were tired of the SUV boom. Some of you were.

Fin Fang Flareon also had a take.

I will say, the take seems ... a little half-baked, since there are still a lot of sedans on the road, and a lot of sedans being sold, though in lesser numbers than they used to be. And for the take to truly work the comparison to manual would have to be like-for-like. Do we think that sedans are an outmoded technology, in the same way that manual transmissions and naturally aspirated engines increasingly are? Iā€™m not convinced. But Iā€™ve already spent too much time ruminating on this joke. Itā€™s good enough. Congrats Fin Fang Flareon.