(Image Credit: Scion)

Today we got to talking about 90s and 2000s nostalgia, and the relentless extreme-lifestyle optimism that came with it. And also, cars that tried so aggressively to be cool that they achieved perfect lameness.

When Jalopnik Editor In Chief Patrick George asked “what was the Poochie of cars,” one answer in particular resonated with a lot of you:

Personally, I think the original Scion xB was (and still is) pretty sweet and I hate to admit it but I secretly love the iQ. The brand’s whole Need For Speed: Underground marketing vibe started weak and didn’t age well, though. That’s probably why Scion was put to death last year.

Anyway, here’s another Comment Of The Day awarded to Margin Of Error! Please claim your prize by listening to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack in its entirety: