Comment of the Day: Same as it Ever Was Edition

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Say it however you want, but humans have a way of repeating history. Back in 1999, this Porsche 911 was purchased for a whopping $6900. But the thing is, nobody thought this car would ever be worth big money, it was just an old 911.

There are countless used cars that sell today for next to nothing, but will one day be deemed cool by those in the know. I’m banking on Porsche 944s to be that thing, as I’ve bought three of them in the last two years. I’ll probably be wrong. I usually am.


Congratulations on your COTD victory, Blockheads. Hopefully you find that perfectly mint Scion tC that is going to be worth a pretty penny in 20 years.

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Gaseous Clay

I think the demand for lifted off-road muscle cars with no body panels is going to increase markedly in the next few years. Ones with rusty spikes and psychos in the trunks firing harpoon guns will command an additional premium