Comment Of The Day: Put It On My Tab Edition

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Photo: Център за БОРБА с Ръждата

After learning of 11 brand new 1994 BMW 5 series sedans sitting in a Bulgarian body shop, some folks were a little more eager to get wrapped up in this seedy story than others. These BMWs look so nice sitting there in a row untouched by the eyes of the general public essentially since they were built. There’s certainly something to be said for being the only person to drive an already 25-year-old car.


Some were perfectly cognizant of the potential issues that could pop up, and were ready to jump in with both feet. Like my goat ate my homework here. Why stop at one? Why not take three or four?

I know you’re being facetious, mgamh, but this comment made me laugh anyway. Congratulations on your COTD victory. Here’s hoping all your car buying deals are 100% above board.

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