Comment Of The Day: No Longer Driving Conscious Edition

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Sometimes supercars come with gimmicky, flashy features that don’t really serve a purpose beyond making a car seem worthy of a six (or more) figure price tag. McLaren’s new pop-out driver display seems a little gimmicky, but definitely cool. But we can do better.


At the current point in the supercar market, top speeds are seemingly increasingly irrelevant, acceleration times are milliseconds away from approaching black-out levels of force, and each automaker is left scrambling to develop some sort of convincing unique ownership experience.

While it doesn’t really make sense on a McLaren given the context, reader Yes, I work at AutoZone. No, it sucks came up with a truly unique and potentially this isn’t going to end well idea for a feature:

For context, here’s a clip from the 2010 documentary about Ayrton Senna featuring his famous quote from the 1988 Monte Carlo Grand Prix:

Set that to play on startup of the new NSX, and you bet your ass my ‘instinct’ isn’t going to pay any mind to speed limits and conscious safety. It should also be mentioned that Senna crashed out of that 1988 Grand Prix, probably something to do with traveling in another dimension.

But great idea depressed AutoZone worker, now keep your eye out for an automaker copying this. Send them this article and ask for a paycheck.

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Congratulations, Mr. Yes, I work at AutoZone. No, it sucks., on COTD! I would like to gift you with a McLaren which this lovely lady will deliver as soon as she mends the hole in the heel of her stocking.