Comment Of The Day: Mercedes Vario Edition

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I don’t know how I managed to avoid coming across the Mercedes-Benz Vario Research Car for the last 24 years of my life, but I sure am glad somebody brought it up in the comments section today.


This thing was basically a modular automobile, or at least, the idea for one, pretty similar to what our own Jason Torchinsky fantasized about a couple years ago. He was reminded of this again today looking at patent designs from electric pickup truck start-up company Rivian.


Reader johns1111 did prove that Torch might not have been the first person to invent a multimodal car body, but more importantly, they gave us an excuse to revisit the wonderful Vario. If you are as interested in it as I suddenly was, check out this old Jalopnik post about the weird Benz.

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Romeo Reject

And also like the Nissan EXA/Pulsar... Really, this concept isn’t new.