Comment Of The Day: Look Who's Talking Edition

Today’s comment of the day is almost too on the nose.

Chevy is like that friend you had in high school that just couldn’t shut up long enough to let the severe amount of shit they were in catch up to them.


This is evidenced by a recent ad campaign knocking Ford’s introduction of aluminum truck beds, with Chevy claiming it isn’t an attack on aluminum in trucks despite the very clear message of the ad and others like it.

With the high probability that Chevy is already hard at work at introducing a truck in the future utilizing a large amount of aluminum, not to mention some of its models already do, it seems like Chevy needs to step out for a potty break and catch themselves in the mirror before this comes back to bite them in the ass.


Like it did when they ignored hundreds of faulty ignition switch claims. Or when they buried the EV1. Or...

Anyway, congrats on your COTD win KomradKickass.

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