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Earlier this week, some Finnish people thought they were getting invaded, so they placed a phone call to the local police station to politely request help. It turns out the whole kerfuffle was actually just a Finnish military exercise. But what happens when Texans think they’re getting invaded?


It’s easy to laugh at the stoic Finns, until it happens to us, as Paullubbock points out:


That’s because when Texas thought it was being invaded, it went batshit crazy. The Jade Helm exercises were just that – a military exercise. That happened to be in Texas. But Texas got confused as to what country it was a part of, to the point where the governor actually vowed to defend against it.

Jade Helm, conducted in 2015, eventually came and went without incident. Texas still exists, I think.

But since famed local Texan and our Editor-In-Chief, Patrick George, is stuck on a plane right now, I get to make fun of the state.

So Finland, don’t learn from Texas. Buncha lone-star jokers.

Congratulations, Paullubbock, on your COTD win. May you forever be able to spot the real enemy.

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