Comment Of The Day: Kidneys, Not Grills Edition

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The kidney-to-Audi-RS6-Avant markets have been fluctuating lately, and as of the closing bell this afternoon kidneys were valued a significant ten points less than what they closed at yesterday. Compare this to RS6 Avant futures, which are ballooning beyond valuation expectations.


This fluctuation in the market is largely due to an influx of kidneys to the market by American car enthusiasts looking to ditch one of their redundant backup blood filters. Meanwhile, RS6 Avant demand has risen by the same factor.

Thank you cdoggyd and Porthos for an excellent thrust and parry co-COTD victory. You’ve got today’s trophy, so enjoy it. Especially if you still have two kidneys. If not, maybe you can trade your trophy for a new one. 

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Audi doesn’t get enough shit for leading the way in the gigantic grill trend.