Comment of the Day: Irony and Justice Edition

Screenshot: Chandler Lutz (Twitter)

What a thing to grind to a halt at the end of a police chase in your BMW 6 Series, missing four tires, right in front of a big old dumping ground full of... other tires. I’m not sure it’s quite irony, but it did make me chuckle.

Kinja user Ad_absurdum_per_aspera shared this picture from CBS Philly reporter Chandler Lutz and posted to The Drive’s post on the same incident and it made me chuckle. I also find it kind of funny to imagine people reading multiple blogs on this strange incident, but I appreciated being shown this:


Zoom out a little further, you can tell, yep, that’s a yard full of used tires. If only the Bimmer had had a set, maybe they could have brought havoc to a few more miles of highway.

On second thought, let’s just be glad things ended before anything worse happened here.

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