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The poor fourth-generation Pontiac Firebird! It drew tremendous ire from our own Máté Petrány today, as well as Regular Car Reviews. Everyone has that one car they just loathe above all others, and that Firebird just grinds Máté’s gears.

Me personally, I think the ‘80s Camaros and Firebirds have aged a lot better, but you can also appreciate the out-there design of the ‘90s models. Luckily the WS6 Firebird has many defenders for many reasons, like Pibbs says once you go Swede:

Ok, out of all the things that have been said on this website...this angers me the most. I love the WS6. I thought it always looked and performed better than it’s Chevy counterpart, and with the right mods, was an absolute beast.

Why all the hate for the late 90s Trans Am?

Also, is my mullet showing?

I’m not saying you’re a redneck, but...

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