Comment of the Day: If You're Going to Spend Money on Anything, Make It Tires Edition

Our dear David Tracy is off on another adventure, kind of, having acquired yet another a $500 Jeep he’ll probably end up driving for years. But the point of this post is to talk priorities.

Andrew Daisuke here, I think, was being sarcastic in their assessment of Mr. Tracy’s build plan. But if you can get a car you like for around $1,000, it is really not necessarily a bad idea to spend more money on tires than you paid for the car.


Your tires are the only thing that affects every aspect of your vehicle’s performance: acceleration, braking, fuel economy, and handling. Well, aside from overall weight I guess. And of course, tires being in good, grippy condition are critical to your safety on the road.

So don’t be ashamed of putting nice tires on a tired car. At the very least, it will help you get the most out of it.

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