Photo: Ford

It seems like all automakers are throwing “sport” badges on the trunks of their cars, even if the cars navigate corners like Nimitz-Class carriers. Does that word “sport” even mean anything anymore?


Today, I reviewed the Ford Fusion Sport, which is a lot of “Ford Fusion” with a hint of “sport.” CalBearsFan99 wondered why Ford didn’t go with the SHO distinction instead of the over-used “sport” name:

PotbellyJoe and 42 others responded with his take on the “Sport” trim:

Sport is indeed dead.

As a gift for your service, CalBearsFan99 and PotbellyJoe and 42 others, you get this video of the sportiest, most athletic vehicle ever to wear the “sport” badge: The 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport:

Just look at that thing navigate that slalom. No body roll whatsoever. There’s nothing sportier.