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Car enthusiasm has a tendency to be driven by nostalgia. It’s why Baby Boomers lust after Pontiac GTOs at car auctions and why people my age are so amped about the new Honda Civic Type R. This is inevitable. But when it comes to love for cars from the 1990s (and the ’80s as well) there’s more to it than that.

This isn’t widely accepted wisdom yet, but more and more we’re starting to regard the ’90s as a golden age of machines, one that produced performance that is in many cases still competitive today along with modern comfort—all without the screens and gadgets and safety nannies that water down the driving experience of today’s cars.


I’ll let reader LS240 explain it:

Go hug a ’90s car. When the robots come to take our keys away, they’re what you may want in your driveway.

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