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The Hummer H2 is somehow simultaneously a vehicle very much of the early-2000's, and yet I could very easily see the company return today with the same bloated, ugly, heavy, faux-military style to even greater success today.


And that’s why today’s Comment of the Day is awarded to Hayabusa69, because anecdotes about the government making horrible decisions are entertaining to me, even though it’s my money being wasted. It’s a joy very similar to that of seeing your own drunken mugshot in the paper after a weekend of light trouble.

Let’s make it clear that I did actually (lightly) dig around for details on this fun anecdote about the State Department and couldn’t really find very much about armoring H2s and our government failing to do so.

Either way, I want it to be real and that’s all that really matters. You can trust a name like Hayabusa69, right?

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