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It’s about damn time Lamborghini made a V12-powered hypercar with an electrically assisted hybrid powertrain. Obviously it’s impossible to compete on outright power these days without electric propulsion, so it’s awesome that the Sián is finally here with a 34-horsepower hybrid boost. Obviously the Sián wouldn’t be half the car if it didn’t have this 75 pound 48-volt system that is just dead weight after 80 miles per hour.


But if you’ve recently purchased a used Gallardo, you’ll probably be looking to upgrade to a more powerful Lamborghini in short order. Nobody’s lust for speed could be sated by such a pedestrian V10 non-hybrid model as that.

Shane, for your pragmatic approach to power, I’m awarding you the COTD victory for the day. I do hope one day you’ll have enough power in your engine compartment to propel you up to Dave’s home and save you from the embarrassing street-park-and-walk move. Congrats. 

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